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These are 4 Impulse Responses made by Silas Fernandes ( guitarist, engineer producer)


Celestion Metal 1 was captured from a Marshall 1960a 4x12 

 .Speaker : Cetestion G12t-75 

 .Mic Sm57

2x12 Metal 2 was captured from a EVH 5150lll 50w

 .Speaker: G12H 70th Aniversary

 .Mic Sennheizer e609

V30 Gold Monster was captured from a Marshall 1960a 4x12

.Speaker: Celestion Vintage 30

Mics: Shure Sm57 mixed with Sennheizer MD 421

The Reaper was captured from a  Randall CX 4x12

Speaker: WGS Reaper 30w

Mic: Sennheizer e609


Impulse Responses Pack

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